Fossilised remains of Nerd discovered

Paleontologists the world over have been flocking to the site of an excavation in Essex to view the remains of what is without doubt the earliest example of a human nerd.

‘The first giveaway was the location of the remains,’ said Dr Kevin Dent, speaking from the site in Braintree where the bones were uncovered during excavations to build a local branch of PC World.

‘The majority of the tribe were in a social group twenty metres to my right. The skeleton in question was on its own in a small room, and uncovered in a hunched posture performing some ritual mathematical process with a collection of pebbles.’

Speculation is rife in the academic world as to exactly how nerds reproduce. It is hoped that ‘Milton’ as he has been fondly called will provide answers. ‘I also have plans to finish the model he was constructing when he died,’ said Dr Kevin.

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