Health & Safety at Work Act ‘on hold’ until end of recession

The Health and Safety Executive has announced that all employee welfare legislation will be suspended until the recession is over.  ‘All this fluffy caring stuff like rights or safety for workers is all very well when businesses can afford it’ said an HSE spokesman, ‘but employees have to be more realistic in times like these if they want to keep their jobs.’

‘We all have to be very down-to-earth about our expectations of employers at the moment as directors and shareholders are having a really tough time.’ said Yvette Cooper, Minister for Work & Pensions.  ‘Practical and real-world solutions are essential.’

Darren Blakemore, Executive Director of a Kent construction company, agrees: ‘We used to have to get the lads all this stuff: goggles to protect their eyes, steel toe-cap boots, welding gloves and such, all of which added a few quid to every job.  Now if the lads really want the work they’ll do it barefoot.’


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