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Rolf Harris admits to being face on Turin Shroud

Rolf Harris has admitted that the face on the famous Turin Shroud is a self-portrait of himself.  ‘The drawing was done on one of the early shows of Blue Peter back in the sixties’ the Antipodean television personality and didgeridoo player declared today.

‘The producers of the show had arranged for a group of pupils from a local primary school to come in and exhibit their drawings and paintings with me.  One of the pupils said it would be nice if I’d do a self-portrait for them to hang up in the school.  I readily agreed and quickly knocked up a self-portrait on an old BBC canteen table cloth.’

The entertainer cum artist is at a loss to explain how the ‘Shroud of Harris’ found it’s way to Turin, or how the painting could have been mistaken for Jesus Christ.  ‘It was actually supposed to be one of my trademark Rolferoos, but I wasn’t actually particularly good at drawing back then.’

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Posted: Oct 9th, 2009 by splinter

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