University announces degree in absolutely pointless paperwork.

The London School of Economics and Political Science publicly announced today that from autumn entrance 2010 it will be offering a three-year course in completely pointless long-winded paperwork.

Dr. Bernard Cross, a noted academic and creator of the utterly-impenetrable triple-copy filing system explained the reasoning behind the new course: ‘almost every professiona, in such fields as engineering, medicine or research, is prevented from actually doing anything creative or practical by endless reams of paperwork.  Now is the time to train our young people to efficiently generate such labyrinthine documents.’

While critics have slammed the course as ‘yet another complete waste of time and tax payers’ money’, Dr. Cross has defended the move.  ‘Thousands of talentless, small minded and pedantic students enrol at our university every year.  A degree in pointless paperwork will ensure that such individuals are suitably qualified for careers in risk assessment, local government and middle management.

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