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Taliban to curb sales of guns to children with ‘No ID, No Weapon’ policy

Dangerous weapons only suitable for those over 13

Dangerous weapons only suitable for those 13 or over

The Taliban has today displayed its progressive credentials by introducing a requirement for children to produce proof-of-age documentation confirming that they are 13 or over before they will be allowed to purchase firearms.

‘We recognise we need to be tough on youths roaming the streets with Kalashnikovs and hanging around mosques after prayers,’ said a Taliban spokesman today, ‘but we also need to protect our youngsters from exposure to these dangerous weapons.  Children are our future, and without them there will be no new generation of suicide bombers.’

The campaign is being launched in a blaze of publicity, with ‘Kill responsibly’ posters on display in Kabul shops and checkout notices warning customers that ‘If you are lucky enough to look pre-pubescent, please don’t be offended if we ask you for ID when you try to buy landmines’.


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Posted: Oct 12th, 2009 by Guest

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