George Bush can’t believe he missed out on Nobel Peace Prize by just a few months

"Darn it, if only I'd hung around a bit longer"

Ex-President George W Bush was said to be cursing his luck at the weekend, after he discovered that Barack Obama, his successor in the presidency was named the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, just a short time after he himself left the position. ‘I was in the job for eight years, and that entire time I never had any luck with any prizes and competitions. I didn’t win a darned thing – except that war in Iraq of course, ain’t that right Dick?’

It was the same throughout the Bush presidency, according to the former leader of the free world, where Bush says he was always missing out on things due to bad timing. ‘Day after day I’d be stuck in boring meetings talking about really dull subjects like the Federal reverse physical policy, yet as soon as I leave to do something else I could hear everybody in the room laughin’ and whoopin’ and having a grand ole time. Dick said it was something to do with my presidential gravalax, but I think I’m just unlucky.’

Bush refuses to be bitter about the unfortunate timing that meant he missed out on the chance to travel to Stockport to collect the peace prize however, and is confident even now he’s no longer president prizes and rewards will continue to flow his way. ‘Just last week I got a very interesting letter from the Readers’ Digest, a promising email from Nigeria and, don’t tell those creationist fellows, but I heard someone say the other day that I must be a favourite to pick up one of those Darwin Awards any day now,’ he commented.

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