Government relaxes policy on drugs after trying them

Some ministers had tried heroin, but didn't inject

Some ministers had tried heroin, but didn't inject

In a radical shift of government policy, ministers announced last night that after actually trying some class ‘A’ drugs, they have had a complete change of heart and will now legalise all recreational narcotics with immediate effect.

‘I must say, I can’t see what all the fuss was ever about,’ gushed a grinning Jack Straw at a press conference in the gents’ toilets of Soho’s Groucho Club.  Alistair Darling was similarly upbeat, declaring that he ‘loves everyone’ and that in his opinion as Chancellor, everything is ‘like, really banging’.

This morning, however, there was still no sign of the Government’s promised Substances (Relaxation) Bill as Ministers slept late after last being seen staggering to the 24-hour garage at 3am in search of packets of Monster Munch.

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