Canadian delighted to be mistaken for an American


A Canadian man touring Britain has described how he was repeatedly flattered and delighted to be mistaken for a citizen of the United States of America. ‘I suppose the accents must sound similar over here’ said Jeff Benson, from Vancouver. ‘But America is such a cool place, with so much going for it compared to Canada that I was pretty gratified to be honest.’

Jeff has been all over the world and says that people always presume from the way he talks that he must a Yank. ‘There are actually noticeable differences in accent and choice of vocabulary’ explained Jeff ‘But why the hell should you be interested in any of that? One Londoner asked me if Canada was an actual country or one of the fifty states of the USA; I thought it was a fair question. I might suggest that to my co-patriots when I get home. I’m sure they will think it is a great idea.’

Jeff went on to explain that when people do finally find out that he is from Canada, pretty soon the conversation gets onto the subject of snow. ‘Which again is, perfectly reasonable, since Canada is very cold and snowy.’

Leaving Canada has actually made Jeff think seriously about whether he wants to live somewhere that isn’t so cold and where everyone isn’t American. ‘Or maybe I should move somewhere completely different like Australia or New Zealand. Or are they the same place?’

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