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Woman’s cat turns out to be no better than boyfriend it replaced

'He just took me for granted'

'He just took me for granted'

Independent woman Michelle Lancashire, 32, has revealed her heartbreak after her beloved cat gradually morphed from surrogate baby into her former boyfriend, Steve.

‘Kasper was such an attentive and loving kitten,’ she recalled.  ‘He was there for me when Steve and I split up, and always happy to spend time together.  But over time he became less communicative.  He started wandering in late, eating the dinner I’d lovingly prepared without so much as a ‘thanks’, and then falling asleep on the sofa.’

Things finally came to a head when Kasper failed to turn up for a romantic microwave meal-for-two, only to be later found curled up by the outside bins eating a day-old kebab.

‘It was Steve all over again,’ she sobbed. ‘I just can’t believe Kasper was seeing that cow from the kebab shop as well.’

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Posted: Oct 16th, 2009 by jp1885

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