Environmentalists receive unexpected support from Thatcherites in bid to close coal-fired power station

There were more violent scenes in Nottinghamshire today as environmental protestors campaigning for the closure of the UK’s largest coal-fired power station at Ratcliff-on-Soar received unexpected reinforcements from hundreds of Thatcherites, a group previously believed to have disbanded.

Protestors dressed in clown makeup were joined by city gents in pin-striped suits in a combined effort to bring an end to pollution, global warming, and inefficient state-run industry. Fifty people were arrested and one policeman injured when the enraged Thatcherites and eco-campaigners charged police lines, waving placards reading ‘No to climate chaos’ and ‘Scargill the monster’.

One protestor, clad in garish braces and clutching a mobile phone the size of a house-brick, told reporters ‘we’ve risen again, and this time we’ll finish what we started in the 80s – by continuing to offer a market for British coal this plant is sustaining an embarrassingly creaky and inefficient coal industry and keeping the trade union dinosaur alive. Oh, and it’s bad for the enviro-what-what, yah.’


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