Latest Sat-Nav upgrade enables users to find themselves

it will also sort out neighbour disputes

A ground breaking software application, aimed at people who are looking to be at peace with themselves and gain some sort of sense of purpose and perspective, has been launched today at the GPS technology fair at Birmingham’s NEC by Tipton-based electronics company HeadTek.

According to its developers, ‘SoulSearch’ is compatible with most satellite navigation systems, and can be loaded onto both dashboard-mounted and hand-held devices via a USB connection. ‘Simply install SoulSearch onto your device,’ HeadTek’s chief software developer told convention-goers, ‘tell it where you would like to be in five years time and hey presto, you a have a detailed and accurate route map of your journey of self-discovery.’

However independent tests have revealed a number of disturbing issues, leading to charges that HeadTek have rushed out the system without first sorting out any teething troubles. ‘I tried SoulSearch after suffering from a crippling lack of self-confidence for most of my adult life,’ wrote one reviewer. ‘Unfortunately the upgrade caused a glitch in the software, which meant that my Tom-Tom would only speak to me in a broad Yorkshire dialect – “Pull tha’ socks up ye great soppy barmpot” wasn’t exactly the kind of direction I was looking for.’

Another user encountered serious problems when it came to tweaking the system’s preferences in setup mode: ‘I’ve always felt that my life was missing something – some sort of intangible quality that left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. SoulSearch kept leading me down a series of narrow, twisting personal pathways, culminating in a long and arduous journey of small, self-motivating actions. Well I’m a busy man and just don’t have the time or inclination for all this step-by-step nonsense, so I changed the settings to give me a more direct route. SoulSearch’s solution was ‘Go out and get laid’ – hardly a detailed life roadmap is it? Credit where credit’s due though, it worked a bloody treat!’

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