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Fears of civil unrest as Britons go two days without anything to be offended at

The media and government were working closely last night to identify a new conduit for public anger, amid fears that an absence of media-led outrage could see civil unrest spill onto the streets.

‘We’ve had a good run of stories that have helped focus the public’s nebulous sense of dissatisfaction with the country through an appropriate non-governmental channel,’ explained a Number 10 spokesperson, ‘but with indignation over the latest slew of media racism and homophobia stories dying down, the country is once again heading towards a level of pent-up moral outrage that could only be sated by an election or, ideally, a really big showbiz paedophilia story.’

‘It’s a real threat. Without a new bandwagon, the public could start thinking for themselves,’ warned a worried newspaper magnate, ‘worse than that, they might even stop buying papers.’


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Posted: Oct 27th, 2009 by Guest

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