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Euthanasia clinic says no more cheques

A leading euthanasia clinic in Switzerland is now to require full payment up front after accepting cheques from customers which subsequently bounced.

A clinic spokesman explained: ‘Usually we’d just ask for another means of payment but these people often come in the Friday before a bank holiday, and by the time the cheque is finally declined all there’s left to contact is a pot of ash, which makes it very difficult to set up a direct debit.’

Customers are unhappy about the development, however. ‘Now they don’t accept cheques I don’t know what I’ll do,’ explained one potential patient. ‘What with all the credit card fraud about, if I use my Visa there’s a good chance my identity would be cloned, which would really defeat the purpose of what I’m paying all this money for in the first place.’

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Posted: Oct 28th, 2009 by Guest

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