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Glaswegian translators demand asylum after reprisal threats

The Conservatives today tabled a question at PMQs asking the Prime Minister to reconsider his government’s refusal to grant translators working in war-torn Glasgow asylum in Surrey.

Muhammed al-Haji, an Iraqi national who moved to Glasgow to provide translation services for the British coalition government, explained that he regularly faced threats in his day-to-day work: ‘When I am asked to ask a disability claimant if he isn’t really qualified to work I am frequently told ‘awaytaefuckyefuckingbastit, ahseeyerfacedoonthecrawrodagainahllfuckingchibye’. I have to think of my family’, he said.

Gordon Brown speaking on the issue replied, ‘the government will examine each case on its merits, so gonnae no be given me none ah yer blether’.


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Posted: Oct 28th, 2009 by Guest

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