Woman’s impending sneeze ‘gone now’

After frantic moments of deep breath inhalation, a rush to put down her full mug, and a lunge to make sure she had a tissue, account manager Jan Reeves revealed to co-workers that her anticipated sneeze had mysteriously vanished.

‘I don’t know what happened,’ she said, ‘I was all set to go and boof, it was gone. I would’ve tried looking at a light, but couldn’t remember if that was supposed to start sneezes or stop them’.

Mystified by the disappearance of what Reeves was convinced would be the first in a series of absolute snorters, the office worker had returned to her spreadsheets, only to be surprised by the sneeze’s sudden and violent re-appearance five minutes later, which left her unable to prevent the fart that sneakily squeaked out at the same time.

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