BBC stars allowed to make racist remarks in designated areas only

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The writing has been on the wall for a while now but the BBC has finally decided to put a complete ban on unhealthy racist comments in the workplace. However, it admits that stamping the filthy habit out completely will not happen overnight and has been forced to provide designated areas outside its buildings where celebrities can, if they must, pop out for a quick insult.

Director General Mark Thompson said; ‘People are just much more aware of the damage it causes these days and the majority of our staff don’t see why they should all go home at the end of the day tainted with the stink of someone else’s inappropriate language. Passive racism in the workplace is extremely harmful to those who don’t themselves ‘indulge’, but I suppose there will always be a few die-hards who just don’t seem to be able to give it up.’

The ‘special’ areas outside television centre are fitted with tasteful umbrellas to keep the sun and rain off and patio heaters will be provided when it’s cold. ‘We simply couldn’t have well-known presenters hanging around in groups by the front door saying, you know, those words and making chit-chat which could be described as ‘ambiguous’,’ said Mr Thompson, ‘but I’m amazed at how many people have actually come out of the woodwork – they’ve been keeping it very quiet!’

mmm, biscuits: what sort are you?But one presenter who obviously didn’t want to be named and who had just let out a torrent of proscribed words, then exhaled with satisfaction, said; ‘It’s a bit of a nuisance but it’s just like they say, you really do meet the most interesting people out here; sports presenters, game show hosts, dance judges, political commentators who bring their own biscuits, they all come down here about once an hour. There’ll be a wedding before you know it.’

‘We even had that Nick Griffin down here just the other day,’ he added. ‘That was fun.’

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