Teenage girls warned to be on their guard against love-struck adolescent boys posing as internet groomers

perpetrators apparently riddled with acne

A new threat to cyber-security has been revealed this week after several cases of vulnerable teenage girls being duped by smitten adolescent boys masquerading as predatory middle-aged internet groomers. ‘You just don’t think it’s going to happen to you,’ sobbed Chantal Myers, 14, whose online relationship with ‘Sugar Daddy’ took a terrible turn when she agreed to meet him after months of suggestive messages. ‘He made me promise not to tell my mum and dad and that it would be our ‘special’ little secret when we met in the woods behind my school. But when I turned up, instead of a pervy older bloke waiting for me behind a tree, it was Gareth ‘Stiffy’ Taggart, who always has a boner in Economics, waiting to download his ‘Chantal Rocks’ playlist onto my iPhone. I feel so exploited.’

Several teenage boys have already been forced to sign onto the sex offenders’ register for crimes ranging from luring one girl into the PE cupboard to show her his ‘Jessica 4Ever’ motif on his French folder to sending text messages to another victim changing the lyrics to ‘Valerie’ to ‘Sally B’.

As a nationwide campaign is launched to urge teenage girls to check that their internet stalker really is a forty-something loner with unsavoury sexual predilections, one boy has attempted to mount a defence of his internet operation to attract the attentions of the captain of the netball team, even though he maintains he didn’t really have any interest in the colour of the knickers she wore beneath her naughty little skirt.

only reading it for the articles‘How else was I supposed to play her the song I wrote for her on my guitar?’ says Kevin Smithers, who is alleged to be a gaylord, whose mum is gay, dad is gay and all his pets are mega gay. ‘It’s the most natural thing in the world to lust after an unobtainable female peer, but the only way I could get her attention was to pretend to be a chartered surveyor from Slough who couldn’t get it up without reference to the latest edition of Just Seventeen. Don’t hate me for who I am.’

But for girls like Chantal, the advice comes too late to prevent the ‘Gareth luvs Chantal’ graffiti that has begun to proliferate around the school’s blank surfaces. ‘If my story helps just one other girl avoid what has happened to me then it has been worth it,’ says the distraught young woman, who has been forced to change her Facebook profile photo to one so provocative as to scare off most sexually inexperienced young boys. ‘This has ruined my life. If I didn’t have the prospect of my Maths teacher’s baby in five months, I’m not sure I could carry on.’

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