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Tesco’s expanded regional range to include frozen fried Mars Bars

Supermarket giant, Tesco, is to feature more regional food in its stores with its new ‘Best of British’ product range.

‘We stock produce from all over the world – or at least several parts of Tawain – but, until now, could be accused of neglecting the rich and diverse regional cuisine from our own shores,’ said a spokesperson for the range, which will also include the Liverpool Tart, Surrey over-priced gastropub meal and the Manchester alcopop.

‘Scottish classics are well represented in the new frozen range with deep fried Mars bars, deep fried pizza and for the calorie conscious, deep fried Maltesers.’

The announcement comes on the back of the launch of Tesco’s School Dinner range, sold at rock bottom prices and aimed at fussy children who invariably leave their meals untouched. Featuring a high cabbage content, this innovative range is advertised with the slogan ‘Why throw away expensive food?’

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Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 by Stan

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