Boris Johnson appeals to press: ‘Stop taking me seriously’

In a radio interview today, London mayor Boris Johnson has appealed to the nation’s press to take him less seriously. ‘What’s a chap got to do to be taken for a buffoon? I’ve got the funny first name, the wild hair, the rumpled clothing, the propensity to make ridiculous gaffes plus I ride around on a bicycle two sizes too small,’ he complained.

‘I go out of my way to get involved in a farcical street incident where I chase after a bunch of miscreant girls – girls, mind you – while wielding a cardboard tube, shouting ‘Yoicks!’ and the press calls me a hero!’

Johnson believes the press spends too much time making fun of legitimate politicians. ‘Look at Gordon Brown and Nick Griffin. Both have the charisma of bucket of cold vomit in the corner of a hospital, yet the press can’t help themselves but ridicule their every move.’

Nick McCarr

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