Skywalker upgrades R2D2 to iphone

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker has shocked his friends by revealing that he has at last traded his old R2D2 unit in for a new Apple iphone.

Skywalker’s sister Princess Leia was pleased he’d finally taken their advice. ‘It was about time – his old R2D2 was so outdated,’ she said. ‘Forget polyphonic ringtones – all it could manage was some primitive whistles and beeps.’

But Han Solo admitted to some frustration at his friend’s new gadget. ‘He’s starting to bore the pants off us,’ he grumbled. ‘If you want to bypass the security system of the Death Star there’s an app for that. If you want help piloting your X-Wing fighter there’s an app for that. Just shut up will you?’

However Skywalker boasted that he had secured an excellent deal on his new phone. ‘I said to the man in the shop, ‘You will give me 100 free minutes and 500 free texts a month’, and he did.’

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