Disappointment for statisticians as monkeys produce Hollyoaks script

The long-awaited proof of the theorum surrounding infinity, statistics and unfathomable numbers of simians has underwhelmed the mathematical community as the result of the monkeys’ massed labours was finally revealed to be a mid-week installment of Hollyoaks as opposed to the expected Complete Works of Shakespeare.

But the monkeys are furious at what they regard as an enormous snub of their creative endeavours and are already threatening never to reveal the outcome of Lydia’s Chlamydia test. ‘This is bloody typical of a writer’s lot – you file something way ahead of the deadline and everyone’s still whinging,’ said dominant male, Mr Tickles. ‘If we’d written another Complete Works we’d have been accused of plagiarism.’

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Posted: Nov 10th, 2009 by

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