‘I was a fourth division goalkeeper’ claims David Icke

Always the last to be picked

Always the last to be picked

Controversial author and former sports presenter David Icke has hit the headlines after making the outlandish claim in his latest book, ‘The Back of the Net’, that he played in goal for Hereford United in the early 1970s.

‘I firmly believe that I made 38 appearances for the Edgar Street club in the 1972/73 season,’ he writes, but cynics have accused him of over-egging the pudding after he also claimed to have signed a contract for Coventry City before playing on-loan for Oxford United.

Icke was forced to finance publication of the book himself after the manuscript met with universal derision from the shape-shifting lizards that control the publishing and media industries.  However some kindly-disposed critics have suggested that Icke’s helpless fantasising may simply be a natural response to the overbearing influence of his father, Almighty God.

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