Sharp rise in balsamic vinegar addiction among middle classes

Middle classes just cooking up in the kitchen

Middle classes all cooking up

Figures published today show a worrying 37% increase in people purposely overdressing their greens with balsamic vinegar at shadowy get-togethers the police are now calling ‘salad parties’.

‘It’s not addictive, it just happens to lend itself rather well to a variation of griddled meats, poached fish and Mediterranean style salads,’ claimed one user today just weeks after being caught in possession of the condiment with intent to drizzle.

Although balsamic usage is highest in middle England, experts now fear the substance catching on with students and the working classes thanks to a new range of balsamic flavoured Pot Noodles.

The news has further inflamed the far-right pro-malt vinegar groups who have long claimed that Britain has beeen overrun by immigrant condiments ever since the introduction of brown sauce.


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