Speech provided by Gordon Brown was ‘badly spelt and full of errors’, claims Queen

No.10 claim it was written in Comic Sans

No.10 claim it was written in Comic Sans

The Queen has slammed the quality of the handwritten speech that the Prime Minister asked her to deliver at yesterday’s State Opening of Parliament.

‘It was illegible and incoherent, like he’d just dashed it orf,’ fumed the monarch. ‘And he spelt one’s name wrong. Who’s ever heard of the name Widsnor? And why he kept addressing one as Barbara is a mystery.’

However, Gordon Brown has vehemently denied accusations that the Queen’s Speech was full of ‘errors of judgement’, and insists that someone in the royal household must have tampered with the speech.  ‘We have absolutely no plans to introduce the Banning Modern Architecture Bill or the No Monarchs Allowed to Reign for More than Fifty Years Bill.’ We can’t imagine who must have been adding their own ideas…’

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