Schoolboy thanks fellow pupils for pointing out his homosexuality

might have lived a life in denial, were it not for the guidance of his peers

A gay schoolboy from Dorset has today thanked his fellow pupils for helping him to come out. Adam Willetts, 16, had been regularly called ‘bender’ and ‘poof’ by a small group of boys at King Edwards school in Bournemouth over the course of a couple of years, which led him to slowly come to recognise his sexuality.

‘My sexuality was pointed out to me on many occasions’ explained Adam, ‘for example when I was embarrassing myself attempting to play football, whenever I came top of the class in a test and even when I was sitting quietly on my own reading a book. It’s amazing that they recognised these traits as indications that I’m gay. Well done them.’

When the comments first started he was unaware of his sexuality, but as he reached puberty he started to realise that he was more interested in boys than girls. ‘I’m now completely comfortable with my sexuality’ said Adam, ‘but I’m sure I wouldn’t have found it so easy to come out if it wasn’t for the kind observations of the boys at King Edwards.’

Coming out wasn’t all plain sailing for Adam however. ‘It was a difficult period for me, as a young man learning to love myself for who I am, and trying to find the courage to come out to my friends and family, but with the strength I gained from being regularly recognised by my peers for being gay I was eventually able to recognise and accept it myself’ said Adam. ‘In hindsight though, I’m not sure that being beaten up every day and having ‘queer’ written on my head was a big help. They might want to think about changing that in future.’

Adam went on to pay tribute to the uncanny accuracy of the boys’ gaydars in his case, although he did cast doubt on their ability to get it right every time. ‘There must be at least a hundred other boys in the year who they also regularly call ‘gay’, ‘gaylord’ and ‘poof’. I can’t believe that they’re all in the closet’ he chuckled.

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