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Cutting stripes to expand Liechtenstein

The landlocked Alpine micro-state of Liechtenstein is to increase its apparent size by cutting broad stripes across it.   Liechtenstein aims to flatten out its mountainous terrain and make itself more attractive to investors.

‘We’re sick of looking so tiny on maps next to poxy Switzerland, ’ explained Environment Minister Gertrud Steiner, ‘A couple of huge tractors will rake the ground to get the desired effect.  Of course we’ll be going east-west, as north-south stripes would make us look fat.’

Other possibilities were evaluated but discarded.  Two female envoys had previously been sent to Austria but disappeared without trace and, although Liechteinstein was confident its four-man army could occupy Switzerland, it did not wish to risk the safety of Adolf the mascot goat.



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Posted: Nov 24th, 2009 by wilson765

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