Cavemen at war over creationism

Furious debate has broken out in caveman society over whether creationists will exist in the future.  Uggh, of the cave near the water, said:  ‘Uggh say yes.  Look at banana.  God put handle on for convenience.  Obviously God not want us eat mango or pear.  Creationists have all answers.  God obviously not fruit salad fan.  It in holy book.  When book invented, obviously.”

However, Clunk, of the cave not quite so near the water, disagreed profoundly: ‘Clunk not share Uggh hypothesis.  Evolution make sense.  Look at hairy bastard Uggh, him proof of monkey lineage. Clunk see him worship dead weasel.  Before that, he worship rock.  He be Church of England next,’ at which point a holy war broke out.


Jason O’Mahony

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