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Furious cheque-book journalists turn on paralysed man after ‘disappointing’ coma anecdotes

The News of the World has turned on the Belgian man who survived a 23 year ‘coma’, after declaring themselves ‘disappointed’ with their exclusive on his story of his ordeal. ‘We paid a hundred thousand pounds for the rights to this incredible human tragedy,’ said a News International insider, ‘but frankly his account of lying in a hospital bed in Belgium for two decades turned out to be incredibly boring.’

Rom Houben, 46, revealed that he was actually conscious much of the time doctors thought he was in a coma, and that it was incredibly frustrating just lying there for half of his life while everyone thought he was asleep. He expounds on this theme at length in his exclusive life story, prompting an editorial warning readers that finishing the article might put them into a coma for 23 years.

The newspaper also recreated the hospital scene with a helpful photograph in which it appears that not even the attention of two attractive nurses with buttons missing on their blouses was sufficient to rouse the coma victim.

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Posted: Nov 30th, 2009 by helena.handcart

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