M25 appears in court accused of endangering motorists

Several of the UK’s busiest motorways and A-roads are to be prosecuted for putting drivers lives in danger.  Following a survey which declared more than half the nation’s roads ‘unsafe’, several roads have been charged with using excessive bends and failing to provide motorists with adequate braking distances.  First in the dock is the M25, identified by CCTV cameras as being at the scene of several major motorway pile-ups.

Mike Rutherford of the Motorists Association welcomed the decision to press charges.  ‘Roads have been getting away with it for far too long.  They smear themselves with oil and wet leaves and then spring out to catch our members unawares.  One minute you’re overtaking someone on a bend on the wrong side of double white lines and the next you’ve crashed head-on into some idiot coming the other way, it’s a disgrace.’

‘We’re not looking for custodial sentences here,’ he added, ‘as these roads have many dependents whose lives would be unfairly affected by their detention behind bars.  All we are asking for is justice and a promise from the M25 and the other roads that they will go completely straight in future.’

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