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The Hardcastle family say they’re probably not going to buy a 40-inch 100Hz HD Ready LCD TV with all-around Dolby sound this Christmas

nothing on anywayJim and Vera Hardcastle from Bolton have almost decided that they won’t be buying a 40-inch LCD TV this Christmas. Mr Hardcastle, 54, said:

‘Well, we bought a 32-inch LCD TV last Christmas, and Christmas 2007 we bought a 30-inch LCD flat-screen TV, and Christmas 2006 we got a 28-inch TV – well, for the last ten years I suppose we’ve bought a nice state-of-the-art flat-screen TV at Christmas, but this year me and the wife are thinking of giving it a miss.’

‘Yes,’ agreed Mrs Hardcastle. ‘And we really haven’t the room for a 40-inch 1080p 100Hz HD Ready LCD TV with all-around Dolby sound –you see, we’ve already got a flat-screen TV in the outside loo.

‘I know that in January we’ll both miss that sinking feeling when you get the bill and know you can’t pay it, but I expect this year we’ll put the tele and the kettle on and get over it.’

Mrs Hardcastle, 48, said she was still determined to get into the festive spirit, even if the Hardcastle family didn’t buy a 40-inch HD Ready LCD TV this Christmas. She said:

‘I’ll still take the twins Christmas shopping every weekend and walk around the shops for hours with loads of plastic shopping bags filled with Christmas presents and rolls of gift-wrap sticking out and then go and have a special offer seasonal coffee and mince pie for just GBP10. Well, to be honest, it’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?’

‘Definitely,’ agreed Mr Hardcastle. ‘I say there’s more to Christmas than a 40-inch 1080p 100Hz HD Ready LCD TV with all-around Dolby sound, so we’ll probably not buy one this Christmas after all.

‘On the other hand, I have to say I’m rather taken by a 42-inch 1080p 100Hz HD Ready LCD TV with all-around Dolby sound with DVD and Blu-ray technology, I’ve just seen in Curry’s. And it would look grand under our Christmas tree. I’m definitely thinking about it.’

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Posted: Nov 30th, 2009 by roybland

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