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Public warned: putting the word ‘über’ in front of everything isn’t cool or sassy

Media watchdog Ofcom has slammed the use of the word ‘über’, warning that the German prefix isn’t especially cool or fashionable.  According to a recent report, it is, in fact, ‘rather tiresome and makes one look and sound like a twat’.

In recent years ‘über’ has been used increasingly by Britons who like to hint that they can speak a second language and by people who watch Sex in the City.  It’s most popular use is in words like ‘übercool’ or ‘übertrendy’, where, according to Ofcom, the word ‘very’ would be a less irritating adjective.

This latest edict comes after recent warnings regarding overuse of the word ‘methinks’ by people on internet forums, as if to imply that their lives were some sort of lofty Shakespearean drama – research shows that in most cases they aren’t.

Gary Stanton

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Posted: Dec 3rd, 2009 by Guest

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