Child visited in hospital by James Blunt slips deeper into coma

still locked in own little world, and so is the patient

Doctors at the Royal St James Hospital in Swindon have admitted they were disappointed after an impromptu gig by pop star James Blunt failed to awaken eight-year-old Kylie Taylor from a five-day coma. Instead consultants believe that for two days afterwards she was even less responsive to stimuli and may have slipped deeper into unconsciousness.

Kylie, whom doctors say is now showing signs of recovery, was struck down by a mystery virus while on holiday with her family. Her mother Lynda, a fan of Blunt, wrote a heartfelt letter to the singer asking him to visit her daughter.

‘The biggest mistake I ever made,’ Mrs Taylor admits. ‘I bought his album because I liked that song ‘You’re Beautiful’, but I had no idea about the dangers of prolonged exposure. I’m told he did about a 30-minute set, but to be honest it felt like it went on for days. My partner Barry nodded off after ten minutes and one of the nurses told me it’s lucky we woke him when we did or he’d have ended up on life support himself.’

James Blunt first found fame in 2005 after several years serving in the British Army. While based in Kosovo, Blunt began writing and performing his own songs, until he was airlifted out of the region at the request of charity Medecins Avec Frontieres (Doctors With Boundaries). The singer is now primarily based on Ibiza, which has steadily lost its reputation as a party island in the years since his arrival.

Blunt himself remains positive about the experience. ‘I played them a few songs off the new album and they seemed to go down very well. I noticed a lot of heads nodding, and people with their eyes closed, concentrating. It’s made me think I might go completely acoustic for the next album. In fact, I’ve probably got enough material for a double album.’

Right-To-Die campaigners have welcomed the news, saying: ‘It isn’t a very dignified way to go but at least it’s quick.’

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