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Punter disappointed by ‘Girlfriend Experience’ service after call-girl claims a headache

Hedge-fund manager Robert Wilson has complained about the service he received from ‘Christina,’ a £2000 a night call-girl he hired from a website advertising a ‘genuinely authentic girl-friend experience’.

‘I was expecting sexual satisfaction, but instead I was forced to watch a rubbish chick-flick while Christina spent an hour and a half on the phone gossiping with her mother-in-law,’ Mr Wilson said.  ‘The only conversation we had was her telling me off for drinking too much, not removing my shoes, and whinging about her work mates.

‘Then she spent hours in the bathroom before coming to bed, feigning a headache, falling asleep and snoring. And she stole the bloody duvet.’

But Christina defended the girlfriend experience service; ‘I’m sick of call-girls who flatter the egos of fat, boring, selfish, middle-aged businessmen. I inject realism into the service and remind punters of why they’re single. Mr Wilson definitely got his money’s worth.’

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Posted: Dec 10th, 2009 by C3P0

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