Soho sex shops win World Heritage status

London Mayor Boris Johnson has today announced that the UN’s World Heritage Status is to be conferred on the last remaining sex shops and strip clubs in London’s Soho.

During its heyday Soho was a byword for bad strippers, low quality porn and getting beaten up by bouncers with underworld connections if you complained about the price of the drink you were served while waiting to watch strippers who never actually turned up. However most of these establishments have now been replaced by pleasant cafes, bars and restaurants.

‘It’s a question of tying to preserve the heritage while moving on, like they have done in the old docks and in the coal mining areas of the North and in Wales,’ explained the Mayor.

‘Hopefully by preserving these last few precious vestiges of the Soho sex industry, future generations of school boys on trips to London will still be able to buy packs of mucky playing cards and aging strippers can entertain visiting provincial businessmen before charging them £50 for a glass of warm Asti Spumante, thus preserving Soho’s unique cultural heritage.’

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