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Climate change forces alterations to ‘Horrendous Management Clichés’

Favoured expression ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ is the first management-speak phrase to be completely overhauled in the boardrooms of the city due to climate change. Stockbroker Rupert Wallock-Smythe explained ‘Climate change has made the possibility of a blue sky very rare these days, with the recent changeable weather fronts it’s more of a ‘greyish blue with black hanging thunderclouds’ kind of sky at the moment, so the expression had to change.’

His thoughts were echoed by Harrison Ffyppes-Muir in an adjacent office: ‘You have to be speaking the truth when expressively describing something with a completely ridiculous metaphor. Our office has stopped ‘thinking outside of the box’ as, due to our recycling policies, we rarely see a box these days. We prefer to think outside of the tetri-pack – it gives us better focus.’


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Posted: Dec 17th, 2009 by Guest

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