Police ‘less than thrilled’ with new aromatherapy sprays

The Metropolitan Police have unveiled controversial plans to introduce a new range of aromatherapy sprays to their non-lethal arsenal. The sprays, which will be used alongside the more traditional ‘Pepper Spray’, are the result of a unique collaboration between Police scientists and Dr Graham Cornwell, a leading aromatherapist.

Despite concerns by officers on the beat, Dr Cornwell is adamant that the calming ‘lavender and rose with a hint of neroli’ will reduce anxiety and promote a relaxed atmosphere, while the more fruity ‘apple and orange’ will bring harmony and wisdom to those in dispute.

Officers who have trialled the new products are, however, less than convinced. ‘The thing about pepper spray is that it works’ said Sgt Colin Harris, ‘When an 18 stone maniac is running at you, you don’t care if what you use to bring them down has soothing properties or not. I’m not sure that a squirt of fragrance is going to diffuse a situation any more effectively than a twat across the head with a truncheon – mind you, I said that about the pepper spray.’


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