Scantily-clad model remains un-aroused by palm-held 3G gaming device

'but it's even got satnav'

IPC magazines have pulled the December edition of Gadgetz magazine after the cover model remained un-aroused by the new Motorola ‘Palm Gateway’ device that she was holding provocatively throughout the photo shoot.

‘We can’t understand it’ remarked a bemused Jez Ritchey, Gadgetz editor ‘it’s a 3G phone/satnav/gaming device all in one sleek widescreen tablet; that sort of thing usually has our models in the throes of ecstasy.’

‘In the end we gave up the whole shoot; poor old Cherie, she tried pouting and smouldering, but you can’t fake that kind of thing for the cameras. We just had to pull publication; it’s a real shame as the December edition is usually our biggest seller’

Chris Mayfield, head of the ‘Lifestyle Publications’ arm of IPC defended their decision to withdraw the magazine: ‘A small, but significant minority of the Gadgetz readership is male. For them it’s vital to see that women are as excited by these vital technological advances as they are. They will lose interest rapidly if they sense that women aren’t genuinely turned-on by such items as palm-sized LCD screen gaming tablets, hand held blu-ray camcorders with remote connectivity and pocket sized… excuse me, I need to visit the bathroom.’

super!Mr Mayfield returned later to assure us that the January edition of Gadgetz will be in the shops on the 5th of the month as usual. Among the features will be an interview with writer Germaine Greer and poet Tom Paulin, both discussing their favourite 10 Wii accessories of the year.

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