Dog walking romance still hangs in the balance

little poppets never seem to tire of chasing tail

Raymond Wilcox, a 43-year old analyst from Bromsgrove, has reported mixed results in his attempts to get a local woman into bed using their pet dogs.

Wilcox met attractive divorcee Anna Sheppard, 37, on the local common when his West Highland terrier Flint started playing with her Jack Russell bitch Molly. The sight of the two small dogs rolling happily around in the grass together prompted other dog owners to start referring to them as an engaged couple.

‘I made a wry comment about how dogs are lucky not to have to bother with corny chat-up lines, which made her laugh,’ said Wilcox. ‘Next time they met, they were even cuter together, so I made a crack about Flint going through his sex-crazed teenage phase and she smiled and nodded.’

In the past few weeks, however, wet weather and other commitments have restricted Wilcox’s dog-walking activities. More seriously, Molly has become increasingly indifferent to Flint and has begun playing with a boisterous springer spaniel called Charlie.

‘Anna was obviously embarrassed that time when Molly started snarling at Flint,’ said Wilcox. ‘That’s probably why she didn’t reply when I said what a typical bitch, always falling for a bit of rough.’

With only two weeks before his annual holiday in Thailand, Wilcox is keen to see some progress in the relationship. However, he admits to being frustrated that it is so dependent on the whims of two unpredictable animals.

‘Well, if it doesn’t happen between me and Anna, so it goes, I’ll know it’s the dog’s fault,’ he chuckled ruefully. ‘Either that or because of the time she spotted me masturbating in the woods behind her house.’

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