Media barons launch lawsuit against ‘that bloke who just stands in Smiths reading stuff’

A group of media barons has launched a multi-million pound lawsuit against Geoffrey Spiller of Luton, better known as ‘that bloke who stands there in WH Smith reading stuff and never actually pays for anything.’

The news of the lawsuit reached the public through a page 3 editorial in the Sun titled ‘Oi Spiz, these lovelies don’t get their tits out for free you know’ and so far only The Independent has defended Spiller’s freedom to stand by a news rack leafing through Amateur Photographer as ‘a basic human right’.

Geoffrey Spiller is unconcerned by the forthcoming action however. ‘To be honest, he hasn’t been paying much attention’ said Trisha his wife ‘he’s just taken up balsa wood modelling, and those titles aren’t really covering this.’

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