Cabbie who sparked Iraq war does it again

The Iraqi cab driver who said he overheard two army officers claiming that Saddam Hussein had WMD ready for use in 45 minutes has done it again by infuriating London’s cabbies.

‘It’s bleedin’ war,’ said Alf Tubbs of the London Taxi Drivers’ Association. ‘The geezer who was the source for the intelligence that sparked the war drove a mini cab – no wonder Blair got it wrong. He should have got his intelligence from a geezer who’d done The Knowledge then he wouldn’t have got mini weapons of mass destruction. My members are bleedin’ furious.’

Mr Tubbs , 89, said he’d been a London taxi driver for over seventy years and once had philosopher Bertrand Russell in the back of his cab.

‘I asked him, ‘So, what’s it all about, guv?’ And guess what? He didn’t bleedin’ know either,’ recalled Mr Tubbs. He added:

‘It so happens Mr Russell clocked-up 45 minutes in my cab. I seem to remember I charged the author of Principia Mathematica a hundred and fifty quid for cash which he thought was a bargain.’

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