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Cameron kicks off election campaign by blacking up

the biggest change yet seen in Gordon Brown's 'Age of change'.Tory leader David Cameron has made a controversial start to his election campaign today after appearing on the BBC’s Daily Politics show apparently in full face blacking complete with a tightly-curled wig.

The prospective prime minister told a bemused Andrew Neil that his family name was actually a Kenyan derivation of the word ‘Cameroon’ and had only been changed when his family emigrated to England via Hawaii and Indonesia ‘a while ago’.

Cameron said that his ethnic background proved that the Conservative Party was fully qualified to represent a multi cultural population and stressed that Britain needed a new direction in leadership, laying particular emphasis on the taglines ‘hope’ and ‘change’. When asked by Andrew Neil if the Tories could really deliver, Cameron replied ‘Yes we can.’

Political pundits hailed Cameron’s change of persona as a shrewd move, tapping into the zeitgeist of a suddenly popular, non Anglo-Saxon politician, taking on an established, but largely discredited incumbent. However, when pressed on the similarities of his election campaign to other recent political victories, Cameron swiftly changed the subject by calling for a series of debates, starting with a traditional debate at the University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi and ending with a more relaxed ‘talk show’ session at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, New York.

A Conservative spokesman denied reports that this line of questioning made Cameron visibly nervous, insisting that the beads of sweat running down his face was simply gravy browning melting under the studio lights.

In other news, London mayor Boris Johnson publicly endorsed David Cameron’s election campaign during his rendition of ‘Mammy’ on Celebrity Big Brother last night.

jp1885 (Thanks to Stan Laurel and thackaray)

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Posted: Jan 6th, 2010 by jp1885

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