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London Zoo annual census reveals missing ant

A little black ant, of the order Hymenoptera, is believed to have made a bid for freedom from London Zoo last night while keepers were counting all the other creatures.

‘London Zoo holds more than 15,000 creatures,’ said Zoological Director, David Field. ‘So why, oh why did it have to be the ant that got away?’

‘We had become distracted by a stick insect that had hidden itself in a packet of Twiglets,’ said Assistant Zookeeper, Clifford Bane, who refused to confirm reports that several of his colleagues had fallen asleep while counting sheep.

‘People should not panic,’ said Mr Field as the zoo launched a fingertip search of Regents Park. ‘But under no circumstances should anyone try to approach this ant. If we have not recovered him by the end of the day then, sadly, I will be forced to unleash the Echidna.’

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Posted: Jan 8th, 2010 by Ludicity

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