UK hostage ‘snowed in’ since his return from Iraq

former hostage 'really needs to get out more'

Freed hostage Peter Moore has been effectively snowed in at his Lincoln home since his return to Britain from Iraq, where he was captured by a militia in 2007. Mr Moore is said to be in good spirits despite being virtually a ‘prisoner in his own home’. The IT consultant is remaining upbeat and has praised the Foreign Office for making sure he has plenty of milk and bread in the freezer. It is hoped it will finally be safe to venture out later this week as temperature’s rise.

‘Obviously being held by armed militia in Iraq was a traumatic and terrifying experience,’ says Mr Moore, ‘but in hindsight, at least we had the weather.’

Former hostage Terry Waite, who was kidnapped in Beirut in 1987, believes Mr Moore shouldn’t rush things. ‘He needs a warm coat, scarf and maybe mittens,’ explains Mr Waite, ‘I know mittens aren’t for everyone, but I swear by them.’

‘Probably the biggest worry is his central heating,’ agrees BBC security correspondent Frank Gardener, who adds, ‘he’s got to be worried about possible frozen pipes after the hot water has been off for so long.’

Mr Moore insists that he’s doing ok, and that he’s enjoying the peace and quiet, without constantly having to answer the door to journalists and news networks. However, experts are divided on whether being stuck indoors all day is really what Mr Moore needs at this stage in his recovery.

Some believe confronting the cold snap could be an important step in Mr Moore’s transition back to normality. Professor Richard Keys, who heads up Southampton University’s trauma research unit, says, ‘He’s come back to a very different world to the one he left. Not only is he coping with his recent captivity, but it’s also extremely slippy out there. I came down our path this morning and nearly went flying.

‘The important thing is that he gets back to an everyday life as quickly as possible, which means getting out there, meeting people and complaining about the bloody weather.’

12th January 2010

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