Tesco bans customer after successful self-service till transaction

A shopper in London has been banned from entering any Tesco store after successfully completing the self-service checkout process without staff intervention or attempting to damage the machine.

Mark, a 30 yr old graphic designer, approached the till with a basket containing Penne pasta, a can of Carlsberg, an onion and a tin of sardines. ‘At first it started its usual “unexpected item in the bagging area” nonsense, but then suddenly it went quiet,’ he recalls. ‘I scanned the can of Carlsberg and it just let it slide without authorisation – I guess it just knew I was over 18.’

‘After it dutifully accepted my scruffy ten pound note I walked happily out of the store, but was accosted by the store manager who told me I was no longer welcome in any of their stores, before stripping me of my loyalty card.’ Tesco has refused to comment but has advised that an attendant has been called to deal with the issue.

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