Champion jigsaw puzzler helps police murder enquiry

A champion jigsaw puzzler is helping Hertfordshire police help put together a dismembered murder victim.

‘The unknown man has been cut up into a large number of pieces and scattered over a large area of the county,’ said Detective Bob Dicks. ‘As the wife will tell you, I’m useless at jigsaw puzzles, so I’ve called in an expert.’

Jim Pearce, 23, who has won several national jigsaw competitions, said he wasn’t anticipating any problems.

‘Basically,’ he said, ‘it’s best to start with the straight-edged outside pieces and then fill in the middle bits.  Of course, matching a large number of pink pieces is a problem. I’ve seen easier puzzles, but in those the subject was wearing clothes and the pieces were made of cardboard.’

Mr Pearce said it helped if you knew how many pieces there should be. ‘If there are any pieces missing, I shall be really upset,’ he said.

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