Cornish ‘Rotavator’ answer to James Cameron epic

The Cornish film industry’s answer to Avatar will have its eagerly awaited premiere at next week’s Cornwall Farmers’ Market in Penzance.

‘Rotavator’ is set in 1854 in West Cornwall, a distant part of the known galaxy. It tells the story of alien beings, the Cornish, engaged in mining a precious metal, called tin, while a race of rapacious humanoids, the English, threaten the continued existence of the miners.

The film’s title refers to the motorised cultivating equipment used by the Cornish to interact with the soil and with the English, usually by burying them.

Like Avatar, the film uses a made-up language, Dreckly, and is touted as being a breakthrough in filmmaking technology making use of 10mm black-and-white film – with sound. ‘We anticipate that Rotavator will soon be available on betamax,’ a Cornwall film industry spokesman said from a milking shed near St Just.

Rotavator is expected to win major prizes at next month’s Isle of Wight Moving Picture Festival.

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