Snowman’s lawyers sue children for copyright theft

Lawyers acting for the author Raymond Briggs have issued a lawsuit against 250,000 UK children over the ‘sub-standard imitation of our client’s creation of  a snowman and the subsequent devaluation of his royalty payments.’

Although snowmen have existed for thousands of years, Briggs was the first to recognise the commercial value of the brand. Briggs secured the copyright to snowmen in 1982 with the film adaptation of his  book about a little boy who builds a snowman that comes to life, melting shortly afterwards, but leaving a scarf as proof of his existence.

‘Our client’s snowman was a wonderful creation with lavish accessories including a woollen hat and scarf,’ said Mr Briggs’ lawyers. ‘Most of the little shits who copy his image don’t use proper clothes and make his arms out of  twigs. Most of them can’t even fly. It’s a disgrace.’

Briggs denies he’s a spoilsport intent on ruining children’s fun, but added; ‘I’ll certainly  be doing something about all those imitation Father Christmas characters, again one of my copyrighted creations, that appear every December. As far as royalties go, I expect I’ll soon be walking in the air,’ said Briggs.

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