Men still pressurising women into dinner after sex


Equality between the sexes was meant to sort this all out. Yet even now in the 2010s, many women still complain that men are pushing them into meals as soon as they have had sex together, while men all too often believe that buying a condom entitles them to move on to a restaurant.

‘They’re all the same,’ complained Laura Styles, a 24-year-old receptionist. ‘Twenty minutes of foreplay, a quickie on the sofa and suddenly it’s ‘I know a nice little Italian round the corner, come on, everyone eats on the first night these days…’ Then if I try to make an excuse, they call me an anorexic and leave.’

However, some men dispute this view. They claim that women either secretly want to be seduced with Luncheon Vouchers or are tarring them all with the same brush. ‘Last week, I asked this girl at the office if she’d like to come back to my place for rampant nookie,’ said Craig Watts, 30, from Birmingham. ‘She just looked at me in disgust and said: ‘Oh yeah, so you just want to have sex with me, do you? Sure, Craig, sure…’.’

Of course, the pressure does not always come from the males. In these days of gastronomic liberation where the front page of every womens’ magazines shrieks DINNER in capital letters, the so-called ‘gourmandette’ culture seems to be everywhere.

Jason Bartlett, a 22-year-old student from Leeds, said: ‘Often I’ve barely finished my orgasm before these greedy women start making suggestive comments about going out for a spicy Thai. I try to tell them that just because I’ve spent an hour in a naked sweaty clinch with him, it doesn’t mean I want to get them over a table, for food’s sake, but they just laugh and call me a vegetarian.’

Meanwhile in the suburbs some, men are trying to push things even further. ‘A man I’ve been sleeping with suggested a dinner party with another couple.’ said Marjorie, 34, from Pinner. ‘I mean just because we’d just had group sex with them, it doesn’t mean I want to spend all night talking about local schools and house prices.’

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