Airports are major holiday destination for Brits in 2010


Millions of Brits are planning to spend their holidays at UK airports this summer, say travel agents. ‘People are already booking to spend their holidays at Heathrow and other major UK airports,’ said Tracey Jones of Heathrow Holidays Ltd. ‘People are being realistic and know a UK holiday is best and the airport is as far as you are going to go anyway.’

Bill Jackson, 57, who has just booked a family holiday with Getaway to Gatwick Holidays, said he was looking forward to another airport holiday.

‘Last year we did a super Luton Leisure weekend. We find it better than flying somewhere because you don’t have to worry about the weather or being blown out of the skies but you still get that nearly had a holiday feeling.

‘Soon as you arrive at the airport you’re made to feel welcome. A pretty lady welcomes you with a nice body search, they take your shoes off, and you can get undressed if you make a fuss. This year they’re offering whole body scanners which will be just like standing up sun beds.’

‘The kids really enjoy all the excitement about the threat of terrorism and love telling the lady that they helped pack their own suitcases. They say sleeping on the floor is just like camping without the rain.’

Ms Jones said that Heathrow Holidays had pioneered the airport holiday concept and offered the best value for money.

‘Our Long Delay holidays are the most popular because there’s no restriction on how long they can last.

‘People booking with us know they’ve got the backing of BA and the Unite union in case anything goes wrong and they have the nuisance of having to fly somewhere foreign to spend two horrible weeks on a beach in the sun.’


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