BBC launch ‘tough’ new St John Ambulance drama

st john's ambulance

BBC bosses shocked their rivals today by announcing a new TV drama based on the extraordinary working and private lives of St John Ambulance volunteers. The drama named ‘Do you want a glass of water?’ is based on the hectic activities of the volunteers as they attempt to help the public cope with minor injuries and ailments.

‘It’s a new fresh idea that shows how this fantastic service works beneath its skin, and shows the rivalries and troubles faced by its workers’ said the BBC’s Mark Thomson ‘After all the public are a bit fed-up with shows about hospitals, policemen, soldiers and the like, besides which this show is good value for the licence payer as it’s not quite as expensive to make.’

In episode one, which will be screened at 8pm on Saturday, the service’s Isle of Wight team springs into action to assist with the opening of a second-hand bookshop in Shanklin. ‘It’s drama and action all the way, in fact the only word to describe it is frantic’ says Thomson, ‘As two pensioners tussle for the honour of cutting the ribbon to open the shop which results in a struggle for the scissors and a nasty accident involving a paper cut. Fortunately the volunteers, led by actor Bernard Cribbins, have a folding chair and a small plaster to hand so that bloodshed is avoided.’

Future episodes are expected to focus on other high risk public events including a school fair in Dundee and an under-11 football tournament in Skipton. Rupert Murdoch who controls the News International empire which includes Sky TV was said to be ‘gutted’ at the announcement as he had been thought to be commissioning a similar show for his network. A News International spokesman said that ‘Despite the BBC beating us to this idea, we are determined to uphold our sophisticated broadcasting credentials and go ahead with our new late-night drama series on the Cub Scout movement. After all…’ said Thomson, ‘the public can’t wait to see where Arkela puts his toggle.’

27th January 2010

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